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Presentations from Investor Day #11

We hosted our 11th Raise Green Community Investor Day on January 24th, 2024. We love hosting Investor Days because they enable us to democratize climate solutions by showcasing opportunities for capital to flow into the sector. Since our founding in 2018, Raise Green has played a unique role in the increase of funds allocated to climate initiatives, reaching $1.27 trillion annually. 

Our event featured eight climate innovators who are at the forefront of climate action, working in areas such as green bonds, energy efficiency, building decarbonization, and more, all aimed at creating a healthier, more just, and sustainable future. Below please find more information about the presentations. 


Watch each presentation here: 


Aich2 Inc: Eric Brown, CEO/President and Co-Founder at Aich2 (pronounced “H2”), presented their solution to the scalability issues in the current hydrogen value chain, focusing on green hydrogen adoption to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Aich2 proposes a novel approach using solid hydrogen carriers that can be distributed and stored using conventional cargo infrastructure, leading to lower costs, reduced carbon footprint, and scalability. They plan to demonstrate the viability of their ecosystem through a full-scale demonstration project and aim to advance hydrogen adoption globally, benefiting investors and the environment.

BlocPower Energy Services 3: Hanan Levin, Head of Finance at BlocPower LLC, presented the company's end-to-end building decarbonization solution, aiming to simplify the complex process of home electrification. With a focus on addressing the significant impact of buildings on greenhouse gas emissions and indoor air quality, BlocPower offers building electrification as a service, utilizing an operational financing model to make these solutions accessible to all communities. Through examples like the renovation of Bart Church in New York, BlocPower demonstrates its ability to improve comfort, increase revenue opportunities, and reduce emissions, showcasing its impact on communities and emphasizing the need for support to continue its important work. 

CGB Green Liberty Notes, LLC: David Beech, Senior Manager, Clean Energy Finance at Connecticut Green Bank, shared Green Liberty Notes as a solution to the challenge of making green investments accessible to ordinary citizens. The investment supports the Small Business Energy Advantage program, enabling small businesses to undertake energy efficiency projects, save on utility bills, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, showcasing the impactful nature of these investments in fostering a green economy.

Auburn Energy Junction LLC: Michael Becker, Co-founder/CEO at Auburn Energy Junction, presented parent company Collectron Energy's mission to address climate change by making electric vehicle charging infrastructure accessible across socioeconomic spectra, particularly focusing on multifamily housing. Collectron Energy specializes in reducing upfront capital expenses for property owners through rebate incentives, enabling the deployment of electric vehicle charging stations in marginalized communities and unlocking access to clean energy transportation, while also providing ongoing maintenance and management services to ensure a seamless experience for property owners.

GreenStreet Global Inc.: Robert Politzer, Founder and CEO at GreenStreet Global, leverages 25 years of experience in green building construction and development to address the urgent need for commercial building decarbonization. With looming low-carbon laws like NYC Local Law 97 impacting over 50,000 buildings, GreenStreet Global offers a vertically integrated solution including cost-saving strategies, zero-net-cost building upgrades, clean power installations, and value-added brokerage, supported by their proprietary AI-powered app and a vetted marketplace for cleantech vendors, aiming to simplify, streamline, and automate the decarbonization process while aligning financial success with carbon reduction goals.

Integrity Global Partners Inc.: Cheri Sugal, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Integrity Global Partners, highlights the urgent need to address climate change by directing capital towards nature-based solutions, particularly focusing on the role of global carbon markets. Integrity Global Partners aims to bridge the financing gap for nature-based projects by connecting mission-driven investment capital with high-quality initiatives through their expertise in project development, investment structuring, and ongoing project management, ultimately maximizing outcomes for carbon reduction, communities, and biodiversity.

National Energy Improvement Fund (NEIF): Peter J. Krajsa, Co-Chair and Founder, Managing Member at the National Energy Improvement Fund,, emphasizes the importance of addressing the underserved market of homeowners and smaller commercial customers in essential energy improvements like Heating and Cooling systems. NEIF, founded in 2018, focuses on providing fair and transparent financing options to consumers and small businesses, partnering with contractors and offering programs supported by states and utilities to facilitate affordable and accessible financing for energy-efficient upgrades, with a mission to expand their reach and products while maintaining their commitment to essential improvements and sustainable business practices.

Power To The World Corporation: Ken Tarlow, President and CEO at Power to the World, introduces the Power Pack, a portable solar generator designed to provide households with an affordable and user-friendly solar power generation experience. Featuring a patent-pending design with a separate battery pack, the Power Pack aims to capture a share of the growing $500 million portable solar generator market while also contributing to global electrification efforts by donating units to families without access to electricity, and also with a unique offer of providing investors with a free Power Pack system for every $1,000 invested.

A big thank you to the presenters for their inspiring presentations and for serving as climate heroes in the fight against climate change. We encourage you to educate yourself about the open investment opportunities on Raise Green by clicking here. For as little as 100 dollars you can supercharge the efforts of those building a better tomorrow – and have a chance to earn a healthy return in the process. 

Thank you again for being part of our community. We look forward to seeing you at the next event!

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