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Leveraging Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) for Climate Impact Investing

On February 15th, Jackie Logan, CEO and Chief Investment Officer from Raise Green, and Rick Davis, Managing Partner of LOHAS, delved into the concept of donor advised funds (DAFs), the potential benefits of DAFs and how DAFs can be utilized to invest in climate initiatives on platforms like Raise Green, empowering you to align your investments with your philanthropic goals.

Here are the key takeaways from the session:

Donor Advised Funds (DAFs): DAFs are philanthropic tools that allow donors to receive immediate tax deductions for contributions while maintaining advisory privileges over how their donations are distributed and invested. They offer flexibility in accepting non-cash donations like stocks, real estate, art, or cryptocurrency, which can grow tax-free within the fund until donated.

Impact Investing and Collaboration: The session discussed the growing trend of impact investing, particularly in for-profit ventures addressing urgent issues like climate change. Collaboration between organizations like Raise Green and LOHAS enables investments from DAFs into various impact opportunities.

Educational and Generational Impact: DAFs serve not only as investment tools but also as educational resources for families, facilitating collective decision-making and teaching younger generations about impact-driven investing. Anonymity options for DAF investors provide flexibility, and despite potential longer timelines for investments, the meaningful environmental impact makes it worthwhile.

DAFs are available to both individuals and entities. Anyone considering a DAF, should review the specifics of the DAF sponsor they are considering, and their particular tax situation in advance of setting up a DAF. 

We hope that you found this session helpful in understanding how DAFs play a role in impact investing and promote collaboration, education, and support for climate solutions within communities and across generations.


About the Hosts:

Raise Green is the climate investment marketplace for clean energy, ESG, & local impact investing registered with the SEC & FINRA member  to facilitate the sale of private securities. We are dedicated to accelerating the green energy transition by democratizing access to capital and investments in climate solutions. We have facilitated over $9 million in investments for various climate-focused organizations, with a significant portion supporting women-led or BIPOC-led companies.

LOHAS is a boutique consultancy supporting the unique requirements of its investor clients and their advisors. They serve as impact investment thought leaders, creating innovative approaches to the market and educating clients in key areas, including alternative investment strategies, social impact entertainment, and intergenerational wealth management.



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