The Returns of Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding: A New Way To Invest

For far too long, the investment field has been closed off to the everyday person. With the emergence of crowdfunding, new opportunities are opening up to those whose doors have been shut. Combining unique investor benefits with the ability to potentially gain earnings and a mission to address the climate crisis, Raise Green provides meaningful opportunities for investors to invest in the present and future. 

For the individual investor, the rise of crowdfunding offers a new array of investment opportunities. In the past, only “accredited investors” could invest in private companies. Crowdfunding initiatives now have aided in the bringing down of that barrier. For many investors, this has redefined how and where they invest. No longer does one have to wait for a company to go public before investing. This transformation allows investors to invest in companies they believe in from the beginning - which means much higher potential returns than previously possible. 

Due to the domestic and global pressure to address climate change and other issues stemming from the utilization of emission-rich products and services, an infant industry of climate technology has the potential to mature into a multi-trillion-dollar industry. Although it is difficult to quantify the expected growth of climate technology industries, the demand for climate-conscious businesses and their products is clear from the rapidly-increasing level of capital flowing into the space (“Climate tech $16b mid-year investment action report,” 2021). Furthermore, the private sector investment opportunities that crowdfunding makes possible offers unique benefits to investors. For instance, private investments are considered safer than public investments since private companies are not intertwined with public markets, which are subject to variability in times of economic instability. 

Investing in Green Technologies and Businesses

The segue from the positive investor experiences with private companies and crowdfunding, green technologies provide an opening in the market that is beginning to be tapped. Green technologies can help decrease environmental impact and improve resource efficiency. Thus, in the age of unprecedented anthropogenic climate change, the reliance on green technologies as a catalyst to mitigate carbon emissions is increasing, emerging as a growing force in the market. In terms of its prevalence, green technology had a 60% share in new power generating capacity in 2017 (“Investing in Environmentally Friendly Green Technology,” Jones). Investment in green technologies, as a result, has been on a steady rise, with public, private, and world markets putting their funds into initial public offerings (IPOs) that are either creating green technologies or continuing to fuel the research to greener solutions to the climate crisis (“Why investors are raising climate tech funds at a torrid pace,” 2021). An IPO is a public offering in which shares of a company are sold. Green technologies and climate companies focus on a global stage for investing in a cleaner future and investing in an emerging market that will have a high financial return. In fact, the Wall Street Journal commented on this, stating that “​​[a]fter years of intermittent excitement followed by fizzled expectations, green finance is now looking less like the niche interest of socially conscious investors and more like a sustainable gold rush” (Patterson and Ramkumar). 

Raise Green’s mission centralizes on the idea of providing authentic and accessible investment opportunities that aim to address the climate crisis while incentivizing investors. Raise Green is not some closed-off investment network that only men in business suits can participate in. No! Raise Green has been democratizing the investment field through unique, equitable opportunities with significantly fewer barriers to entry than traditional investment methods. In combination with unique investment opportunities, projected growth in climate technology industries, and an authentic strive for public prosperity, Raise Green could be a unique part of your investment strategy.  


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