Downed Power Lines, Wildfires, and Utility Bankruptcy- Oh My!

Consequences of Climate Change

Eight of the top ten largest wildfires in California history have occurred since 2017 and have been attributed, in most part, to climate change and other factors. The root cause of at least 1,500 California wildfires in the last six years were power lines owned and maintained by the local utility, PG&E ("Did a PG&E Power Line Spark the Second-Largest Fire in California History?,” 2021). To decrease the number of wildfires caused by poorly maintained transmission lines, recent regulations have caused customers to regularly experience power shut offs, especially during times of bad weather. 

The increase in California wildfires, unreasonable grid-tie permitting timelines, and PG&E’s 2019 bankruptcy have caused a market shift; people are now demanding the expansion of off-grid and mobile solar solutions so that they can continue to live their lives unburdened by a failing energy system. This is particularly true for homeowners that are affected by frequent outages and small businesses that rely on a reliable source of electricity for their operations.

SolSolutions – The Answer’s In The Name

For thirteen years, SolSolutions has served Sonoma County in the heart of Northern California, primarily focusing on equipment sales, rentals, and the servicing of mobile solar generators and lighting. SolSolutions also sells mobile solar power and lighting equipment and provides custom design services for commercial and residential customers, covering a variety of industries critical commercial, agricultural, events, and other needs. Since its founding in 2009, SolSolutions has increased its revenue an impressive 263%. 

Starting in 2017, disaster preparedness and delivery of reliable power in a time of grid outages have been key advantages driving growth. The last 2020 Annual Electric Reliability Report from PG&E published in July 2021, reported that Sol Solutions’ service areas are part of the top 20 areas with the most unreliable circuits ("2020 ANNUAL ELECTRIC RELIABILITY REPORT,” 2021).

Solar Infrastructure – Rapid and Easily Deployable

SolSolutions offers a variety of solar infrastructure hardware for both sales and rentals.

  1. Small Stand-Alone Outdoor Lighting Installations

Quiet, no-emission, fixed solar-powered lighting for streets, parking lots, security, pathways, or carports. SolSolutions sells, installs, and services these products for construction sites, facilities, campuses, schools, and municipalities. 

  1. Mobile Solar Light Towers

Mobile solar-powered high-intensity lighting for temporary use on construction sites, facilities, security, and parking. SolSolutions provides short-term and long-term rental agreements, including delivery, set-up and training.

  1. Hybrid Energy Systems (HES)

Mobile solar, battery, and diesel systems with power ratings ranging from 10 kW to 100 kW for temporary power needs at large construction sites, off-grid event production, mobile office power, or supplemental backup power for commercial sites. SolSolutions provides long-term and short-term rentals.

  1. Large Backup Power Solar Trailers w/Lighting (WattWagons)

High power solar, battery, and diesel hybrid systems with a 12 kW power rating and the option for expansion. Provides power to construction sites, agriculture/ranch sites, rural properties, facilities, event site power, and disaster response. SolSolutions provides direct sales, rentals, service, and delivery.

Chaz Peling, CEO of SolSolutions said, We’ve seen our business expand from just rentals and services to disaster preparedness and relief. People want – and need – rapidly deployable solar because of climate change and its impacts.” As the future of energy reliability is uncertain in California, standalone solar infrastructure can provide consistent, clean, and quiet power for homes and businesses alike. With the ever-increasing threat of climate change, and impacts like wildfires, there must be an expansion of solar energy systems across the state, and the nation as a whole. SolSolutions has opened its crowdfunding offering as an opportunity to fill this critical need, and they stand poised and ready to deliver an impact.

Desired Impact – Savings, Security, and Climate

SolSolutions targeted products can provide many benefits and savings for clients, particularly when no other viable options exist. The greatest benefits and savings from solar technology are most apparent in the context of preparing a complete cost analysis over a longer time period. Calculated savings can be constantly updated as legacy prices for grid or fuel-based solutions change.  Potential clients will find a multi-faceted list of improvements and benefits as they choose solar products and services to address their needs:

  1. Resilience and increased uptime compared with grid-supplied electric or fuel-based power systems. Considering current utility blackouts and recurring natural disasters, solar/battery lighting power systems do their job much more reliably and for much longer than legacy systems which are subject to more prevalent breakdowns and interruptions. 
  2. Reduction or elimination of emissions and greenhouse gases compared with fossil fuel-based power and lighting equipment.  
  3. Noise reduction compared with diesel or gas-based power and lighting equipment. Many customers report they prefer quiet power generation in residential areas to reduce complaints from neighbors, especially at night. 
  4. Reduction or elimination of maintenance costs, including fossil fuel supply chain issues, leaking/spillage, oil/changing, and maintenance.  

SolSolutions offering will be available on the Raise Green marketplace for the next few weeks. An investment in SolSolutions could be an investment in energy security, individual resilience, and a decarbonized future.

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