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Small Business Saturday With Honeycomb Credit


As we enter the holiday season, many are fortunate to spend time with family and friends and share gifts and good cheer. In the spirit of the season, and as we often remind the Raise Green community, we are always excited to share more ways for everyone to invest in and benefit from the transition to a more healthy, just and sustainable world. That’s why we are working to turn Black Friday green! For one day only on Friday, November 26th, we will give a $25 rebate to anyone who invests in a Raise Green project or climate company!

But during this busy shopping period, considering what we’re consuming, who’s making it, and where it comes from is good to keep in perspective. The day after Black Friday is known as Small Business Saturday, to encourage consumers to shop local. And while we have plenty of small and growing businesses listed on Raise Green that would love to have your investment to back their work, in the spirit of generosity and sharing, we’re delighted to share with you one of our fellow funding portals that’s focused specifically on lending to small local businesses.  Honeycomb is a platform that gives communities across the US the chance to go beyond shopping and eating local, by investing in local businesses! Customers and fans invest, and business owners raise the money they need to grow their business and pay back local investors with interest. They offer funding at fixed interest rates for business owners, and it’s another great way for the community to put their money to work in their neighborhoods (or neighborhoods across the US). 

Also, the kinds of businesses you choose to support can certainly make a difference if they’ve got a sustainable bent. Maybe you want to pick up produce for your holiday cooking from a local farm (or gifts if they also sell items like local jams and soaps). Or maybe you want to stock up on cleaning supplies from the local refill store for all sorts of environmentally-friendly products. Much like investing in companies that are working to solve the climate crisis on Raise Green helps accelerate the transition to a clean and climate-resilient society, choosing to invest in a local business is another way that you can help accelerate local economic development in your community. 

By voting with your dollars, you can have a say in shaping the community where you live, the world you want to live in, and what you want to see in it. Honeycomb has even helped raise money for several local small businesses that support sustainable lifestyles and offer sustainable products as well. Check out some of the sustainable businesses that have run campaigns on Honeycomb Credit! 

  1. Better World Refill Shop
  2. Harvie Farms
  3. Prostainable
  4. Eden Fresh Network
  5. Fishies
  6. Bee My Blessing
  7. Happy Cows Group Share
  8. Cherry Valley Organics

Here’s more information about green investing at Honeycomb! 

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