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Raise Green Announces Its First Cohort of 20 Impact Partners

Raise Green is thrilled to announce the addition of 20 new members to our first cohort of Impact Partners. These individuals come from a wide range of backgrounds and industries, but they all share our passion for promoting sustainable investing and scaling climate solutions.

Our Impact Partner Program brings together a diverse group of leaders from the investment community, the private sector, and civil society to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy. They include impact investors, asset managers, financial advisors, and entrepreneurs, as well as representatives from non-profit organizations and policy groups. The program is designed to empower partners to leverage their networks, expertise, and resources to drive investment into sustainable projects and companies.

One of the new Impact Partners, Courtney Blodgett, is an impact investor and advisor who has been working in sustainable finance for over two decades. She is excited to join the Raise Green Impact Partner Program because she believes it is critical to scale climate solutions as rapidly and equitably as possible. 

"I became a Raise Green Impact Partner because the platform makes sustainable investing available to a wide audience. I appreciate that the platform offers not only equity investments but also debt investments which may be lower risk," she said.

Another Impact Partner, Thomas Guest, is an entrepreneur who has been working in the renewable energy sector for the past several years. He is thrilled to be joining the Raise Green Impact Partner Program because he believes it is critical to scale up climate solutions to meet the urgent needs of our planet. 

"The Impact Partners are an inspiring group from across the US and beyond, committed to the belief that community ownership of climate projects is a manifestation of climate justice. It's been a pleasure connecting with leaders in the industry through this program, having the chance to learn from each other and brainstorm how we can make our future climate economy belong to everyone," he said.

Kate Drane, a former Director at Techstars, Breakthrough Energy, and Indiegogo, joined the Impact Partner Program for similar reasons.

"Raise Green's Impact Partner program is an amazing opportunity to support the climate movement. I am in awe of the community that Raise Green has catalyzed. For climate companies especially, there is something magical about receiving funding directly from the communities that will benefit from your services. Excited for more impact to come!"

As mission-driven individuals around the country look for ways to drive change in their backyards and across the nation, the Impact Partner Program has provided an outlet and resources to bring meaningful progress into focus.

The Raise Green Impact Partner program is not just about bringing together a diverse group of individuals, but also about providing partners with the resources and support they need to drive values-driven decision-making informed by ESG information, sustainable investing and scaling climate solutions. This includes access to a network of experts, resources and tools, as well as opportunities for collaboration and learning.

The Raise Green Impact Partner program will be hosting a series of webinars and events throughout the year, to provide partners with opportunities to learn from experts in the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and sustainable finance space, as well as to connect with other partners and collaborators. Some of these events may be open to the public for networking, climate education, and demystifying climate investing.

The Raise Green Impact Partner program is designed to enable leaders from all walks of like to make a real difference in the world by accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy and promoting sustainable investing. We are thrilled to welcome our 20 new partners and look forward to working with them to drive positive change in the world. Together, we can create a healthy, just and sustainable future that gives everyone an opportunity to participate.

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