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  • Raise Green Celebrates Greenhouse Gas Reduction Funds

Raise Green Celebrates Greenhouse Gas Reduction Funds

Raise Green is thrilled to celebrate the launch of the $14 billion National Clean Investment Fund and the $6 billion Clean Communities Investment Accelerator. These critical funding initiatives will play a pivotal role in driving the deployment of clean technology projects across the nation and ensuring equitable access to capital for low-income and disadvantaged communities.

The National Clean Investment Fund, with its allocation of $14 billion, will provide grants to support two-to-three national clean financing institutions. This funding will enable these institutions to collaborate with the private sector, making accessible and affordable financing available for tens of thousands of clean technology projects nationwide. Raise Green is excited to participate in this initiative and contribute to the development of a sustainable and resilient future.

Simultaneously, the Clean Communities Investment Accelerator will receive $6 billion in grants to support two-to-seven hub nonprofit organizations. These organizations will play a crucial role in providing funding and technical assistance to public, quasi-public, not-for-profit, and non-profit community lenders operating in low-income and disadvantaged communities. This support ensures that every community in the country has the necessary capital to deploy clean technology projects and fosters inclusive growth and environmental justice.

"The launch of the National Clean Investment Fund and Clean Communities Investment Accelerator represents a significant milestone in our collective efforts to combat the climate crisis," said Franz Hochstrasser, CEO of Raise Green. "We are honored to be part of this transformative movement, working alongside the public and private sectors to accelerate the deployment of clean technology projects and climate solutions of all types that address the urgent challenges of our time."

The $14 billion National Clean Investment Fund and the $6 billion Clean Communities Investment Accelerator, combined with the previously announced $7 billion Solar for All competition, represent a remarkable $27 billion investment to combat climate change. This comprehensive funding package mobilizes financing and private capital to drive greenhouse gas reduction and air pollution-reducing projects in communities across the country.

Raise Green encourages interested parties to access further information on the National Clean Investment Fund and Clean Communities Investment Accelerator through the links provided below. Additionally, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be hosting informational webinars to provide additional details on the competitions. Registration information can be found in EPA's official press release, and ongoing updates will be available on EPA's Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund website.

This historic announcement reinforces Raise Green's commitment to advancing the clean energy transition and building a sustainable future for all. By leveraging these substantial funding initiatives, Raise Green will continue to pioneer innovative financial solutions and drive positive change in communities nationwide. The future is bright for inclusive climate finance.

For those clean energy developers and climate entrepreneurs looking to raise capital for climate solutions, you can use Raise Green to conduct a community round starting today. Learn more here: https://www.raisegreen.com/raise-capital 

For anyone looking to invest in climate solutions, you can join our growing community of thousands for free and you can get started by investing as little as $100. Learn more here: https://www.raisegreen.com/how-investing-works 

National Clean Investment Fund NOFO here and the Clean Communities Investment Accelerator NOFO here. EPA is hosting informational webinars on the competitions, with registration information included in EPA’s press release, and EPA is continuing to update EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund website with additional information. Last Friday’s announcement builds on the $7 billion  Solar for All competition.

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