Investor of the Month, July 2022

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Investor of the Month

Welcome to the second ever installment of Raise Green Investor of the Month! In these short vignettes we’ll share the story of investors like you, who are anxious about climate change and social injustice and are unwilling to wait for the tides of change to create progress. These investors are action-minded and impatient with the status quo, and have turned to impact investing to empower meaningful change. With as little as $100, you can support the climate entrepreneurs and leaders who are building a better tomorrow, today.


Anna Smukowski

Anna Smukowski Headshot



Anna serves as Enterprise Community Loan Fund's senior director of capital programs where she assists ECLF's capital and lending teams on capital raising and fund structuring. Prior to this position, she led LISC's $200 million retail note offering, coordinated investor relations and positioned LISC’s capital raising within ESG, impact and social bond frameworks. Anna also managed $50 million in LISC's Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) deployment and has structured and managed affordable housing and economic development funds, as well as pay for success work through a Social Innovation Fund grant award. Anna started her career as a strategy and operations consultant at Deloitte. Anna holds a B.S. from NYU Stern and an M.B.A. from Columbia Business School.

What motivated you to invest in a better future on Raise Green?

"Investing in the Connecticut Green Bank aligns with my professional and personal goals to bring values-aligned investing to scale with a personal focus on protecting the environment and supporting historically under-capitalized populations and communities. As an impact investing professional, I have to walk the talk with my own dollars if I expect others to do so. Supporting retail investing products with low minimums is important to me as a way to ensure those who may bear the brunt of climate impacts have an opportunity to invest in solutions that directly impact their communities. Investing in the Connecticut Green Bank allows me to participate in creating economic opportunity, revitalizing communities, and driving solutions to climate justice.


Want to be featured as an Investor of the Month? First, make an investment and inspire social + environmental progress, locally or nationally! Then, email us your climate story and motivations at with the subject line “Investor of the Month.” We’ll reach back out and let you know you’ll be featured!

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