Founder reflections: The road to our first offering

We’re ecstatic to see the first available offering on Raise Green’s marketplace go live. We started this journey with the idea of creating a platform that would allow anyone to join the fight against climate change. That means making it easy for anyone to start their own clean energy or climate resilience project - and making it easy for anyone to become investors in those projects.

When you think about individual action, a lot of the easiest paths you can take center around the little things, like improving the efficiency of the energy you consume. To quote one of our favorite essays, Amory Lovins’ said “the cheapest kilowatt hour is the one never used.” That’s why we're starting with the National Energy Improvement Fund (NEIF) as our initial investment opportunity. NEIF’s focus is on creating opportunity for energy efficiency and resilience for residential and commercial buildings, providing financing for essential energy and resilience improvements like heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, roofing, lighting and battery storage, which make homes and businesses more resilient, efficient, healthy and comfortable and helps contractors grow their businesses.

We’re excited to continue to host many more investment opportunities to come - of varying investment amounts, project types, and community involvement. That’s what makes Raise Green truly special. Anyone that has an idea and the determination to make their project a reality can do so with our platform. Our clean energy future will be built by everyday people - everyday people deserve to create and own that future.

Climate change is the biggest collective problem that humanity has ever faced. But as we have seen with recent Black Lives Matter protests, the COVID-19 lockdown, and economic turmoil: unrest incited from massive collective action issues can be converted into meaningful action - and ultimately big change.

Make no mistake: Raise Green is here to facilitate big change.

While Raise Green is just one piece of a much more comprehensive solution to climate change, it also doubles as an avenue for communities and individuals to join hands together in building the future that we want. A future that is centered around just, equitable, and sustainable practices. The time for inclusive finance and egalitarian business solutions is now. Join Raise Green in the fight against climate change. You can invest today on our marketplace.

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~Franz Hochstrasser & Matt Moroney

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