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  • Earth Day deserves more than just one day.

Earth Day deserves more than just one day.

Whether you're a passionate climate investor, a committed conservation advocate, or a entrepreneur with an ingenious sustainable solution, there's one thing that ties us all together: our devotion to protecting our Earth. 

That's why here at Raise Green we decided that one day wasn't enough to celebrate the Earth. We took the entire week of Earth Day to celebrate all the ways we can "green" our planet. 

Read on to discover all the ways in which you can green your world through Raise Green. 

Green your Community Through investing in Green Small Businesses
Earth Day- Raise

Green your Community

Sustainable small businesses and innovations are leading the way by creating shared value between consumers and their beliefs, building a circular economy, creating tangible impact in their communities, and strengthening their communities.

Raise Green and Honeycomb Credit are leading the way on providing investment opportunities for regular people to help support the green businesses and innovations that they love.

We partnered with Honeycomb Credit (go check them out!) to discuss the value supporting of green small businesses. Read the full blog here.

Green your Network

At Raise Green, we believe in the power of creating climate action through our network. That’s why we started our unique Impact Partners program, which allows Raise Green community members to become our ambassadors— Our Impact Partners work to refer issuers to Raise Green and spread the word about climate investing!  

Green your Raise

Companies that host raises on Raise Green look to create real change. We're highlighting WeSolar and Kilowatts for a Cause here:  WeSolar is the nation’s first community solar company led by a female founder and person of color. With Raise Green, they raised $185k on a convertible note to jumpstart their company. Kilowatts for a Cause utilizes the savings generated from its solar installations to give back to nonprofits and schools that support low-income families within the local community. With Raise Green, they offered a Climate impact Note and
raised $80k.  

Green your Future

When you are planning for the future, do you worry about spending your golden years in a hothouse world? Did you know you can create a self-directed IRA (SDIRA) to invest in climate initiatives on platforms like Raise Green? Your IRA has the potential to be a force for positive change, with investments contributing towards creating a more healthy, just and sustainable world.  A recent Raise Green investor had this to say about using their IRA to invest:

"I'm grateful for Raise Green. It allows me to align my investments and my values. I love that I can direct money through a SDIRA and invest in climate solutions.” 


Happy Earth Day. 

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