BlocPower: Fighting Climate Change through Workforce Development

BlocPower: A Social and Environmental Changemaker

We’ve written extensively about BlocPower and their work to usher in a green infrastructure revolution, bringing energy efficiency and resilience to neighborhoods across the United States. Their work to decarbonize buildings and ‘turn them into Teslas’ has netted them grants from the Bezos Earth Fund and Microsoft, among others. They are a clear leader in the turning tide of green infrastructure in America.

But they are much, much more than their environmental impacts. BlocPower is training the builders of tomorrow, their own Civilian Climate Corps. Reminiscent of the Civilian Conservation Corps and the infrastructure projects of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal, BlocPower has identified one of the largest gaps in the green infrastructure revolution — the lack of workers trained specifically in constructing and implementing the range of new green technologies that have been developed to fight the climate crisis. BlocPower has partnered with numerous firms: Aclima, Augmented Construction, ChargerHelp!, UrbanEnergy, People’s Choice, and more to train workers to install eco-friendly HVAC systems, EV charging infrastructure, and accessible interest services.

This is more than a broad-spectrum program, however, BlocPower is working with communities that are most affected by poverty, crime, and gun violence in order to alleviate social pressures and improve the lives of entire neighborhoods, not just individuals. Their efforts have caught the attention of cities and municipalities, and BlocPower has forged partnerships to increase their impact. Last year, New York City tapped BlocPower to lead a $37M workforce development initiative targeting neighborhoods most affected by crime and violence. This program will train up to 1,500 individuals to be high-skilled workers, leading the workforce of tomorrow. BlocPower CEO Donnel Baird said of this program, “America doesn’t have the highly skilled construction workers that it needs to build new homes and to get infrastructure investments built out. Through this program we are going into the lowest income communities, where folks are at risk of gun violence—personally, their families, their communities—we’re training them on the latest greatest software to install green infrastructure in urban environments, in rural environments.” 

BlocPower is currently offering its third investment opportunity on the Raise Green Marketplace. Just last month, climate defenders filled BlocPower’s $1M raise in just 24 days. The current offering is set to support up to 122 energy efficiency projects in low-income neighborhoods. 

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